Job Positions Allowed in Indonesia for Foreign Workers

Job Positions Allowed in Indonesia for Foreign Workers

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Companies who are looking to hire foreign workers should refer themselves to the Ministry of Manpower Regulation No. 228 of 2019 regarding the Specific Positions Open for Foreign Workers (the “Regulation”)

The Regulation specifically addresses job titles that are open for foreign workers in 18 industry sectors, with all 18 industry sectors listed in the table below:


Industry Sectors




Real Estate




Processing industry


Water management, waste water management, waste and recycling management, and remediation activities


Transportation and warehouses


Art, entertainment and recreation


Accommodation and food & beverages


Agriculture and forestry & fishery


Renting activities and leasing without optional right, human resources, travel agent, and other business support functions


Financial services and insurance


Public health activities and social activities


Information and telecommunication


Mining and excavation


Electrical, gas, steam/hot water, and cool air procurement


Wholesale and retail trading, automotive service, and maintenance


Other Services


Professional, science, and technical activities

Although these are key 18 industries that foreigners can more easily obtain a working permit for, the Ministry or its appointed officials can issue permits to employ the foreign workers on a case by case basis, depending on the desired position and industry.

In addition to regulating the positions which are open for foreign workers, the Regulation also sets the following rules:

  1. The director and commissioner positions are available for foreigners, as long as these positions do not oversee employment matters or issues that are off limits to expatriates under specific laws and regulations.
  2. The positions that are open to foreign workers and their requirements shall be evaluated at the minimum, every 2 years, or at any time that the Minister deems necessar
  3. At the time of the Regulation’s new effect, all the previous permits for hiring foreign workers held by the employer shall remain valid until their dates of expiry.

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About the author:

BUDHI Budhi Satya Makmur

A qualified Indonesian advocate. Budhi specialises in litigation, arbitration and other contentious matters. Budhi has extensive experience in representing numerous domestic and multi-national companies before the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI) and the Indonesian courts.

Job Positions Allowed in Indonesia for Foreign Workers